Project information

Proiect NO. 243PED ⁄ 2017

Financing: state budget
PN III Program name: Programme 2 – Rising the competitivity of Romanian economy by research, development and innovation
Project type: Experimental-demonstrative project
Project title: Cloud Service Platform for Managing the Patient Clinical Observation Sheet in Hospitals

Project Scope

The project scope is to develop a system designed to acquire, process and retrieve medical observations from and to the patient clinical observation sheet. The system is designed to help the physician in his daily patient visits to fill his observations in the observation sheet. Our approach is to use a recording device, and the most frequent found recording device is nowadays the mobile phone (smart phone), to record the physician observations and to transform the recorded voice using a Speech To Text Cloud SaaS Service, in a text file which later will be added to the observation sheet, next to the bed of the patient. The system will improve the efficiency of the physician which spends lesser time to fill the observation sheet, can be used for getting a second opinion about the condition of the patient from another physician in some cases, can be used for investigating malpractice situations and offer a high level of security for personal data protection.